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Video Footage of Our Custom Table Tops @ Dewar's

Posted On 06/05/2018 By Shawn Larson

The video is of several young people enjoying ice cream at Dewar's. Fortunately, you also see a glimpse of our custom logo table tops. The Dewars Ice Cream and Ice Cream Shop have been open since 1909. Since then they have opened up several other locations. They were some of the nicest, most professional people to work for. If you are in the area of one of their ice cream or candy shops I highly recommend visiting any of their locations. This video was taken at their Bakersfield, California location.
About The Author: Shawn Larson
Owner of Cafe Table Tops
Shawn Larson is the owner and operator of Lite House Media that runs several coffee oriented websites including He has also been the managing editor for two local newspapers and is also has done content writing for several websites.
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